Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Here is the floor plan. It took us 2 months of back and forth to get it right. Finally, someone on a home building forum I frequent really helped us nail all the right details.  Our criteria was:

1. Bedrooms in the front, kitchen/living/dining in the back.
2. Open kitchen/living/dining.
3. Large mudroom.
4. As many windows as possible.
5. Two windows in each bedroom for cross ventilation.
6. Bonus room on 2nd floor.

The total square footage is about 2400 which was bigger than we wanted but there was really no way to make it smaller. I know that most of the time we will be hanging out in the kitchen/living/dining area and we will have a large, flat backyard and that area has french doors to a patio out the back.

We also had our budget meeting and we came in at $308,000, so a bit over but the house is bigger than we thought it would be. Our builder bid everything out so while I know we might go over in some areas, I don't foresee too many surprises since we are building on a flat part of our land and the house itself is pretty simple.


  1. So glad you posted the link to this blog on your mama blog. I am a wee obsessed with real estate/houses/decorating, so it will be so fun to follow along on your homebuilding journey.

  2. Kiara, yes, I am obsessed with that stuff too and I am so excited to see this project take form...even though it is really stressful right now!! :)

  3. HI there. I love this plan. Do you have a front elevation available to see and what is upstairs? We are wanting to biuld soon and this looks perfect!

    1. Julie, yes, I do. I will post some eventually. If you want them sooner, you can email me at letterstolittles@gmail.com