Monday, May 20, 2013

Exterior Color

We decided to do a very light grey for the exterior. We chose Collonade Gray by Sherwin Williams.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Saving Grace: Flexible Kiddos.

The two months of homelessness started a week ago. We first headed to my mother in law's house. She took the girls the night before so I could help my husband pack up the rental house. After getting the wrong truck saved for us at UHaul, can you say 10 foot truck to haul an entire house plus an entire ikea kitchen PLUS 1800 square feet of hardwoods!? It took so many trips I cannot even talk about it.

I ended up pulling into my mother in law's at 2am and my littlest was up with the sun at 6:30. After fielding some "where is daddy" and "let's go home" questions, the girls settled in. Settled in to new beds, new people when they wake up, new things to do during the day, all familiar things except a few that they could carry packed away. They went to bed on time with out a fuss and woke up happy as clams. They seemed excited for new adventures a new town brought. We did have some three year old emotional outbursts for the record books, as witnessed by my best friend Mandy, we faired pretty well.

On Sunday night, we made the hour long drive to Seattle to stay with my parents for the next bit, which is until they are completely sick of us I guess :) We got a late start and the girls did get into bed until almost 10 but there were no complaints. They are sharing a room here, something they had never done before and I was very nervous about because my little one is a talker. She must tell about 30 minutes of stories to herself before falling asleep. What has happened the last two nights is big one crashes, little ones talks and laughs so herself and that is the end of it.

I am so beyond proud of them. They miss their daddy like hell, as he is staying in our old town to do the finish work, and they get sad about it but for the most part they seem to understand this is an adventure.

We picked a paint color and got started painting the house, I love it!

I don't have any "good" photos of the house, just what my husband send from his phone. Here is a trimmed out window: