Monday, March 25, 2013

Shingle siding has started!

We lucked out with our siding crew. They are so detailed oriented the house just looks amazing. Sometimes I think there is this assumption that you cannot have detailed house if you are on a budget. But the details like how the windows were trimmed out or the size of the belly band are things that make a huge difference if you just take time to think about how they will look. They are going to trim out the windows anyway, so why not be picky about it? Just because you are not building a high end home doesn't mean you cannot care about details.  We researched window trim until our eyes were going to fall out of our heads. We personally looked at exterior trim on probably 500 houses. There are parts of our budget where we came in under the average (such as our kitchen and our hardwood floors with my husband installing) and those are all well worth it seeing our beautiful shingles going up. They are Hardi and are primed. We will paint them grey with white trim.