Our First House

We bought it in 2007, sold in 2012. Built in the 1930's, we added a dining nook, added hardwoods and re-did the master bath.

Trimmed out the mirror, added wainscoting and painted:

Added the fire pit, painted the whole house and the back door black:

Painted the deck a dark blue:

We added on this entire dining nook, this used to the front porch:


Just painted exterior:

You can see the bump out where we added the dining nook:

Did custom closet in this room:

Just painted here:

Re-did this entire bath, added all the trim, re-finised the tub, new tile on wall and floor, new sinks and hardware:


Added hardwoods in that nook- was old, wrecked tile:

Added this pantry with the chalkboard door:

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