About Me

Hello and welcome to our home building blog!

I met my husband when we were 16 and we have always been dreamers. One of those dreams was to build a house.  After we were first married, we bought a small, 1,400 sq ft house in a less than desirable town because that is where we could afford. Our plan was much like others where we assumed that our house would increase in value and we could use those funds to help buy land. When we saw the economy had a different plan in mind, we saved as much as could. Year after year, we saved my entire income and only spent my husband's. The dream (which used to include 5+ acres) has been modifed to 2.5 acres in a different (but better) town. The downturn in the economy also allowed us to buy our land after a 50K price drop.

My husband is a firefighter. He did some work on the house (installing tile, hardwoods and painting the entire interior and exterior).

I am a professional photographer by trade.

We have two wonderful little girls, Elle and Brynn.

If you have questions about the blog or building a house, you can reach me at thissweetreverie @gmail.com :)


  1. Just found your blog looking for blogs of people who are building a home as we are just starting the process. I am so happy to find your blog not to mention I love photography so your pictures have totally drawn me. Looking forward to following the rest of your process!

  2. Nice to see another pacific northwest blogger. I'm over at lot59blog.blogspot.com. Catching up on your blog, good job

  3. I've been following you at Garden Web but somehow never knew you had a blog! I am so thrilled to see this because your house is the one that always catches my husband's eye. Now I can show him things all in one place instead of fishing through multiple threads! Your kids are positively adorable (you and the fireman are cuties, too!) and your photography is lovely - off to look at that site next. I think we have our Saturday night mapped out looking through your sites. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. So glad to have stumbled upon your blog! My husband and I are first-time home builders too... I love living vicariously through people who have done this before and are now happily settled into their homes (gives a girl some hope!) PS- I have a "Brynn" too- smart lady, giving your daughters such wonderful names! :)

  5. I found your blog looking for an artist of a similar name and I'm so glad I did! Your home-building and decorating journey is so absorbing and your photography is magic. Best wishes! Steph