Budget Breakdown

Budget Breakdown

Item                                                           $budget(actual)

Allowances included in price
1. Structural Engineering Recs                  $450
2. Concrete Pumping                                 $1,000
3. Countertops, Quartz                              $4,925
4. Floor Coverings                                     $9,105
5. Ceramic Tile Shower                             $4,793
6. Fireplace                                                $2,724
7. Shingle Siding (Hardie)                         $22,640
8. Liquid Propane Furnace                        $9,160

Total Allowances in hard costs:             $54,797 (builder pays for these items with money from

Subtotal Hard Costs:                              $152,229 (foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, roof,
                                                                                gutters, drywall, HVAC, windows, doors)

Owner Development Costs
1. Excavation/Backfill/Grade                    $3,410(6,500)
2. Clearing and Hauling                            $5,320($5,320)
3. Gravel                                                   $600($600)
4. Utility Trenching                                   $1,350($1350)
5. Septic                                                    $11,419 ($11,350)
6. Draintile & Trenches                             $1,800 ($3,000) +$1,200 :(
7. Erosion Control                                     $750($750)
8. Money back from Trees                        +$3,500(+6,700) Woot!

Total Owner Development Costs:             $23,264 (we pay for these items with money from the

Owner Items
1.Building Permit                                      $5,000($4,685)
2. Light Fixtures                                        $1,000 (HA!)
3. Ikea Cabinets                                         $6,406
4. Bath Accessories                                   $100 (HA!)
5. Honey Bucket                                       $500
6. Interior/Exterior Painting                       $1,000 (family member is pro painter)
7. Temp & Perm Power                             $1,500
8. Propane Tank                                        $500

Total Owner Items:                                 $16,006 (these items will be reimbursed by bank once the
                                                                                  are installed/complete)

Builder Overhead & Profit                    $36,534

Sales Tax:                                                 $24,410

Total:                                                       $308,257

Notes: We purchased our appliances on our own.

Things not included that came out of pocket:
1. Septic Re-Design/Submittal                 $2,100
3. House Plans/Engineering                     $4,150
4. Culvert Fix                                           $400
5. PSE Power line burial                          $2,300
6. Propane tank burial                              $750
7. Extra Draintile work                             $1,200



  1. Sweet.reverie...
    I'm Kirkhall. I was discussing with my insurance agent recently about our coverage and trying to determine replacement cost of our structure only.

    Our insurance sits at about $130/sq ft for re-building costs should we have a total loss of the house. Our house isn't too differently sized from yours and is a 1.5 story. So, in your opinion and based on your budget numbers so far... (not including land--just house costs), is $130/sqft sufficient? (I don't think it is, here in W Washington, but I think you are in a better position to say.)

  2. Dayna, I would say no because our's is at 141 square foot and that is with us doing a ton ourselves so having someone actually build the entire house for us would have been in the 175-200 range.

  3. I just started my own "build a house" blog and was looking for others out there. I like the theme you chose. Feel free to pass on any "I wish I had known..." items to me!