Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Setbacks & Issues

As expected, we have run into our first set of issues.

Our contractor has this way of starting off his conversations like whatever he is about to tell me is really bad. It took me a few conversations (he calls about 3-4 times a day) to realize that he is just a bit of an alarmist. That said, we have had a few issues.

The first is that when the conduit was installed, no rope was put in issue I guess.  So we will have to pay for the electrician to run rope through.

And we also have power issues. The transformer that is right in front of our lot is unexpectedly broken. The power company says it will take a month to fix :( We are hoping to be able to get temp power from  another source but we are not sure yet. If we cannot, we will have the added cost of a generator.

Then the biggie. When we bought the land, we were told by the city that the driveway was "approved". That was not really true because there is a firetruck turn around missing. This whole thing has been frustrating because we are just far enough to need this turnaround but it is going to really mess with the aesthetic of the driveway plus cost us $4000. Blah! Luckily we are getting a bigger than expected tax refund!

However, the crew is moving right along and they poured footings today and our walls might arrive as early as next week! (Our builder uses panelization, which I will explain in a different post)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Land is cleared!

This week has resulted in a cleared lot for us. (those two pink sticks are one side of the house)
 Heading up to the clearing.
 From the very back of the property looking forward.
 View to the right.
 Driveway is a bit wider.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Excavation has begun.

I drove by the land because I had heard that they might start removing trees today or tomorrow and when I saw a dump truck and a loader (? I honestly don't don't know the names of tractors), I got butterflies. I went there just before dusk to capture some photos.