Monday, September 24, 2012

Inspiration: Kitchen

Our builder called me last week to say that the custom cabinet quote was coming in too high and that we were going to have to go with Ikea- which was our desire from the beginning.  We have our budget meeting in two days so I dropped the girls off with my mom and spent the next four hours in Ikea.

When you go to Ikea to plan a kitchen, they set you down on a nice little stool and you use their software to design the whole thing. Luckily I had the dimensions with me!

The total came to $4,800 which was much less than the $17,000 quoted by the custom guy.

Our kitchen will be white, with grey/white counter tops.

Here were our inspiration photos:

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  1. This kitchen is similar to what I plan for mine; White Shaker cabinets. I'm also leaning towards the 'industrial' pendants. Love those!

    I also had to compromise on custom vs. much less expensive cabinets. Although I considered IKEA, I am going with a local Chinese based company that uses plywood boxes (as opposed to particle board) at a very reasonable rate. Living in the Bay Area, we have access to a lot of Chinese based cabinet makers since there is a large Asian population here...