Friday, October 12, 2012

More Soft Costs.

MOOARRR costs. I have to roar about it because I am a bit weary of them.

This month:

1. $650 for septic redesign. We had to redesign the septic because the way the old septic was it, it was making our house sit an an awkward angle on the lot.
2. $850 for plan engineering.
3. $2100 for the remaining plan drawings. We made some changes so it added additional cost.
4. $1500 earnest money to the builder.
5. $900 property taxes.
6. $580 for appraisal for the construction loan.

Blarg! I am ready for the build to begin and the costs to be paid out of pocket to slow a bit and the loan to take over.

My check book is tired.

Coming up we have:

$5000 for the building permit (this will be refunded by the loan).

So in case you did not know, building a house is expensive. :)

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