Friday, June 6, 2014

Dining Room Chairs!

Our chairs have arrived. We went with the Pottery Barn Isabella Sidechair. I love them so far.

My latest issue is how to decorate the two walls behind the couch. We don't want canvases (hubs doesn't like them) or black and white because we are trying to pop with color.

Any thoughts? :)


  1. I have the same decorating dilemma in my living room - still haven't figured it out! I also didn't want to overdo the canvases because we have them in another room in our house, I am not really a huge fan of ultra-busy gallery walls (plus I don't want to hang them) - I found a few options in terms of larger scale art pieces that I love, now just really waiting to see what sticks because all of them are pretty expensive. This was one etsy shop that had things I loved, and I like that you can send her pics of your space and she'll customize colors. There also is a local artist who has a modern art piece I LOVE that is acrylic paint on wood but it's more than we can afford. Good luck finding something!

    1. Erin, yes it is a difficult area! :) That is a great idea about larger, non traditional material. I will have to spend more time on etsy!

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  3. I bought the skinny white ledge shelves from Ikea and have lots of different pictures and varying heights on them and it looks really cool, plus easy to change out the art from time to time!

  4. That table is BEYOND beautiful! I saw in your last post you said you waited 8 months for it.. such a worth it wait! It is perfect. Your entire house appears beautiful and cozy with that lighting and those two beautiful french doors! :) I always struggled in our previous house with what to hang on the wall. Sadly enough, in one part of the home where I had picture frames hanging, I left the pictures in the frame that it came with. My husband never lets me live that one down.. :) oops! But good luck, with time you will come across something just perfect!