Tuesday, March 10, 2015

State of the house.

I took a few new photos of the house. Right now, much of our focus is on the yard these days. Landscaping is a LOT of work and requires a lot of thought.

We also have a few on going projects that are always on the back of my mind and I would love to finish. But there is so little time! Plus my husband is missing a few tools needed to complete them.

Living room: I would love to add two framed quotes on either side of the shelves. We want reclaimed wood frames, which my husband would like to hand-make (on top of his 30,000 other projects). I also want to get matting for these frames on the shelves.

This is our newest piece of furniture, from Restoration Hardware, on sale. We want to all trim to this mirror, but it is another project for hubs with his limited tools and time, lol. We shall see. I have been waiting for this one to be completed for MONTHS.

Dining room table is still the same, but I still love it.

We framed some of our family photos from this summer, frames from IKEA. 

The office!! This we just completed about a week ago. I love the space now. My husband built the desktop out of vintage floor boards we found in Seattle. The shelves and cabinets are from IKEA. We haven't even filled the frames. I am thinking a quote in one and art in the other. 

Girls bathroom. The deer is "charlie".  Towels from Anthropologie on sale, art from Land of Nod and mirrors from World Market. 

Our bathroom, my favorite little tub. There is another matching vanity on the other side of the bathroom for my husband because sharing sinks is a no.


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