Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kitchen Design

Designing the interior of one room is hard. Thinking about designing an entire house is completely overwhelming. Luckily, my husband and I are on the same page about pretty much everything when in comes to style. If we both walk into a cute store together, we gravitate towards the same things. The problem: we have expensive taste. Not expensive in the way that we like diamond plated lamps, in the way that we like very simple, well-made things, and things like that cost money.

Lighting has been really difficult in this way as most lights that are not super expensive, are just... not our style. For our kitchen pendants, which are going to be some of the most looked at lighting in the entire house, finding something that was our style AND in our budget was a challenge.

We ultimately went with three banded pendants from West Elm

The issue we are having now, is that we like white and gray TOO much and those two colors are completely taking over! But what I am hoping to do it pop color with accents like vases, pillows and throws. Hopefully we can make ourselves buy colorful things!

Here is what is in the kitchen so far... you can see.. a lot of WHITE! :)


  1. I am loving these choices. I too LOVE white and gray, and my hubby is constantly nagging me about adding color. I like the idea of adding color with items. :)

  2. Hi! Been missing your posts on GW. Hope that all is well and that you've not run into anything more problematic than an oven that won't quite fit. :-(

    Guessing that the living arrangements since having to move out of your rental just aren't that conducive to blogging or posting on forums. Sending you virtual hugs and hoping to see some interior pics either here or on GW very soon!

  3. I found you on Instagram and just love your home (and your photos of your sweet girls). We have just bought a home (in California) and I am looking for something just like your floors to install after we rip out the carpet. I know you said in the post above that they are golden teak laminate. Can you share other details--are they handscraped? Thank you!

    1. Elaine, yes handscraped! They have been WONDERFUL so far. No scratches!