Friday, April 5, 2013

Mid-Build Stress

Holy stress!  I have had a headache every day for the past two weeks. Most of it has been due to unforeseen financial expenses (the power company quoted $900 for a ditch and the bill was actually $2300, we had to pay the electrician an extra $2,000 because the lighting plan we had originally was too dark, we decided to bury our propane tank for $800 more and we changed tile in the shower at +$300) all in the past month. That is a lot of check writing!

Beyond that, I have had the ongoing current housing situation where our rental house is on the market (has been since September) and we are constantly having to haul the kids out of the house on weekend mornings, right when I want to lounge around, so someone can see the house. I like the house to be clean for showings because what is even the point if the house is a wreck? Have you ever tried *really* cleaning a house with two tiny children running around? A bit like gardening in a tornado. Not to mention the dryer has been broken since October and we have to blow the steam out the garage door. And there is no insulation and the heating bill is $500/month.

I hit my breaking point when an agent asked to see the house last minute on Easter and I told her no and she came anyway while we were at the store and showed people our house (which looked like a bomb went off because of Easter festivities). It felt like a huge invasion of privacy and I may or may not have called the agent and said not very nice things. But c'mon, respect that I am renting here!

Our lease ends April 30th and the new house will be done July 1st. So I will be moving in with family and my husband will be staying on the island since he is doing most of the finish work. For two months. This is also cause for headaches as my parents only have ONE extra bedroom for three of us which means my two little people will suddenly be sharing a room and I will be on the couch.

As if that is not enough, have a mentioned I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old? Nothing more needs to be said on that matter.

We having been having rainy weather but last week we caught some sun so I made a point to head out with my girls and enjoy this beautiful place and do my favorite thing in all the world: take pictures of my babies (and their friends).


  1. Oh my goodess, I don't blame you for being overwhelmed! Before you can blink though the couple months will pass and you will be in your house, living the dream!

  2. oh wow! I don't have many encouraging words, other than to let you know that I'm listening... we're planning on building in a few years when our girls (currently 2 and 3!) are a tiny bit older. You're a better woman than I am for doing this now, renting, and moving in with family! You have earned my respect!