Friday, February 1, 2013

Why I think it will be worth it.


Maybe I am not meant for this house building stress! At night after the munchkins are in bed, I start thinking about all of it and a little ball of nerves well up in my belly and I feel sick. Nothing even that bad has even happened!

But I noticed something else during this process. I am a person who is very influenced by my living space. The first house we bought was our baby. We re-did every room and it looked like a miniature Pottery Barn. We sold that house and moved into this dastardly rental.

The house is the exact opposite of every thing we love. Old, dark cabinets. Flimsy, fake dark wood doors. Stained, gross carpets. Gold hardware. Floral wall paper in the bathrooms from 1986.  I wake up in morning and look around at the totally uninspired and blah everything and feel totally uninspired and blah myself. We cannot even put holes in the walls to put up any art (tenants rules). It is like living in an ugly box. (Yes, I know we are lucky to have a house.)

The thought of living in a space that makes me feel in inspired again, helps that ball of nerves dissipate. Even if I did not build and we bought a small, little mobile home I would put all my extra money into making it cute! I cannot stand it, this fugly house. So bring on the stress! I want out of here.


  1. That's a great attitude to have! I can only imagine how crappy it is to live in a rental like that. It sounds terrible. But the end result is a new space all your own to do what you want with. We lived in a fifth wheel for about a year while we built. It was dark and cramped and pretty much terrible. It definitely helped speed the build along as we wanted to get out of there as fast as we could.

  2. Yes. It is certainly a time of stress. I wake up at 2am thinking about stain colors, door styles, flooring, ....
    But is so very exciting and dream worthy at the same time. Im enjoying following along with you.


  3. I know how you feel all too well. We sold our first house (my first 'baby') and moved into a rental this fall when we started our building process. It's hard going from a house that you poured blood, sweat, tears and love a condo. I hate the floral wallpaper. The drafty walls. The cruddy washer and dryer. The single garage during a WI winter. But, you're right, I am thankful to have a place to live. And I know I'll appreciate the new house that much more. I'm just so ready to be in it. The piles of boxes that surround me daily are draining on me. As are the duplicate rent/construction loan payments, utility bills and storage costs. It's a good thing I like my hair stylist - she's been seeing much more of me to cover the poor grey hairs in my 28 year-old head of hair. Stress. Ugh. Look forward to following your journey!

  4. We are living in a rental as well while we wait for our house to be built. 90% of our stuff is in storage so most of the time I can't find something I'm looking for. But all this stress will just make us love our new homes even more! Thanks again for your help with my photography!