Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our Lot

Since high school, J and I have had two dreams. Have kids and build a house. Every other decision we have made has revolved around those goals.

J and I started looking at lots in the area where we wanted to live almost a year ago. This has been our dream for so long but the dream has had to be continually redefined. Back in 2007, we thought we would be able to sell our house for a lot more than did. In fact, we had to dip into land funds just to get out of the house without owing the bank.

Initially, the dream was 5+ acres. That quickly dwindled down as prices rose and lot loans become harder to get. We had recently (start of 2012) decided that we would settle for 1 acre in a good area. We began actively touring with a real estate agent in February of 2012. Most of the lots we were able to afford were slightly underdeveloped and the land was completely raw- meaning no utilities were hooked up or anything.

We moved to the desired area in early May of this year to rent while we found land.

There was a 2.5 acre lot that I really liked and drove by often which was pretty far out of our price range. Then, on wednesday, the land was suddenly showing on my map of affordable land. The price had dropped 50K and we hurried out to see it.

We called the agent to ask a few questions he told us he could meet us out there Friday. In the meantime, he got an offer from a builder wanting to build a spec home on the property. So he told us we had one day to make up our minds. Eeek! The land itself has had some wetland issues in the past. Those have all been dealt with and the wetlands have been mapped and approved by the city- very important since tasks like that can take a long time and cost a lot of money.

There is also a driveway (crushed rock), water and power to the building site (also big headache reducers). A 4 bedroom septic plan had been approved but since expired so we are going to need to resubmit that (this also cuts cost significantly because the expensive parts have been done for us already).

The building site itself is half acre- which is a good size. We want to build a smallish house, but I do want to have space for a yard.

So Saturday night, our offer was accepted and we have 30 days to submit the septic, double check the permits and make sure as best we can that the land is build-able and right for our needs.

Low interests rates are really what is making all of this possible and I am so excited/SUPER nervous to take the first steps on this long awaited dream.


  1. i am totally going to live vicariously through you on this process, haha! it is totally our dream to build a "retirement" house too! since we just bought this first house for both of us though we are stuck for long awhile and then hopefully we can tackle that dream! so super excited for you and your family!!

  2. Well Melissa, maybe after reading you wont want to do it!! lol, I am expecting it to be stressful to the max but I thought if I could help someone else understand the process, it would be helpful. There are so many whatifs!

  3. Don't forget to build a tiny house for us.